Smarter Websites Detect Monitor Size

Using RWD techniques, the Ignite web team can provide each device with a perfectly adapted website layout on the fly.
Using RWD techniques, the Ignite web team can provide each device with a perfectly adapted website layout on the fly.

Team Ignite earned more SSCs (Smart and Savvy Credits)  with in in-house mini-class on Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Today’s websites are viewed on a wide range of devices from jumbo monitors to laptops, tablets and smartphones. This can be problematic depending on the construction of the site.

Static sites are one size meaning users must scroll (and scroll and scroll on a mobile phone) or may find site elements skewed or unreadable.

One workaround, known as adaptive sites, is to design a different layout for each type of device, sizing the elements accordingly. This can be an awkward solution, requiring multiple URLs or for users to select their device upon entering the site.

Responsive Web Design is the modern solution and practiced by the Ignite Web Team. RWD uses one URL and identifies the type of device when the user accesses the site. It then delivers a modified site optimized for size and layout.

With RWD, the site is divided into regions and ranked according to importance.  Depending on the screen of the user’s device. It adjusts images, copy, and graphics to different column widths and by percentages of adjustment, keeping all elements readable with no scrolling just to read one line of type. The material will appear in order of designated importance.

A responsive website is one with a single URL and code base. It adapts to a device’s presentation and features through the use of fluid grids, flexible images and cascading style sheets (CSS) queries that determine what kind of device the site is running on and then rendering the site appropriately.

At Ignite, we’re a team and we believe understanding each other’s jobs and challenges means more responsive client service. Yay team!

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