Branding Techniques from a Marketing Pro

SantaTurn to a professional marketer of legendary success for back-to-basics advice. Guest Blogger Kristofer S. Kringle, CEO, North Pole Enterprises Since I’ve been advertising my message of glad tidings and good cheer to my loyal worldwide customer base for some time now, I have a few proven techniques and tips you may wish to consider for the coming year.

  1. Once you’ve got a solid positioning statement like my “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:, stick with it as long as it works — a few centuries or so.
  2. Select a snazzy color combination like red and green and use it liberally. Remember, repetitiveness builds retention.
  3. A creative concept unique to your organization can fly a long, long time — just look at my reindeer and sleigh.
  4. Home delivery is essential for service-based businesses. My chimney techniques are part of my claim-to-fame and unmatched by others (just ask the Tooth Fairy).
  5. Dynamic packaging is everything. Everyone identifies my swell red stocking cap with me.
  6. We live in a global economy. A multi-lingual jingle like my “Ho! Ho! Ho!” is understood everywhere.
  7. Know your target audience and create appeals for each segment. Oldies relate to my wise bearded visage, while the young-uns know they can sit on my lap and share their dreams of things to come on Christmas morning.

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